NaNoWriMo Ready, Set, ……

It’s almost here!


I’m not the only excited one in my house.

My kids are anticipating the lack of the usual ‘eagle-like’ parental eyes for the month. They still have their father, no worries about abandonment. lol. But, hubs is more likely to overlook the laundry and hair ties littering their floors than I am.

NaNoWriMo means that mom is busy writing and dad figures as long as they are breathing, all is good.

They admitted last year, when I apologized for take out most Friday nights, that they liked the break in routine. They didn’t hate burgers wrapped in paper nearly as much as I did. They seemed … okay … with me becoming a pantser mom.

So this year, I’m planning on it. I’ve got meals in the freezer, waiting on the microwave. I’ve got fresh fruits, veg, and drinks ready to go. I’ve even made breakfast waffles, pancakes and eggs that just need warmed.

I might be a pantser, but I’m a planned pantser. =-)

Be well my friends.


Hello World!

It’s been a while since I’ve done anything but write and live. Isn’t that what life is about?

Fall is our favorite time of year in the Russell family. We camp, usually a lot. We enjoy crisp, early morning walks as the world wakes up. We cook stews all day long on the fire in giant cast iron pots. We spend breezy afternoons snuggled up in hammocks with dogs and blankets napping. Really, what could be better?
Not much.

This year though- we haven’t camped one single time in October. Only twice in September. My lovely daughter is working at the local haunted house. She’s taken every weekend at the end of September and every weekend of October, and volunteered her time at a haunted house. She’s really good at it and I know she loves interacting with the visitors, but I’m so ready for a night in the woods with my family I could quite literally scream. Loud. repeatedly.

In the part of Indiana I live in, my camping weather is almost to an end this year. It snowed today. Not accumulation, but flurries.

I am determined to get back into the woods before we make snowmen in the yard!
I wonder if I’m the only one crazy enough to love late Fall camping.