The planets must be aligned beautifully!

Because I dropped my favorite artisan made coffee mug on the TILE floor and it did not break. I can’t even describe how something so trivial can make my day go smooth.
The idea that drinking from a particular mug in the morning having an effect on how smooth your day goes, is absurd. It’s hilarious to think that just because I sip my hazelnut with French vanilla creamer out of the beloved mug, my day will be easier, happier, and most importantly, more productive. I mean, honestly, its a vessel for coffee.
Not an ancient ceremonial urn.

But, it works. It absolutely works.


Vacation from blog?

Hello everyone!

I’d like to say I took a vacation from blogging, but in reality my life has been so crazy I’ve not had time to organize my thoughts enough to blog.

It feels like an excuse but at the end of April hubs had surgery and is still recovering at home. I do love him but having him here puts a serious crimp in my routines.

We’ve gotten to the point now where he can drive(Yippee!) and spend time out of bed so I’m hoping to be back to a more routine schedule of updating.

Until next time,