My Beginning

In my daily life I’m a small business owner. My days are filled with the stresses of not only running a successful business in the economy we have now, but also maintaining a lust for that business. A desire to make it better today than it was yesterday.

Every day hundreds of thousands of people like me, put their hearts into what they love so others may benefit.

From the perfect cupcake icing to the detailed welds on a custom motorcycle, people do what they love and it shines through to their customers.

When I wrote my first book I felt the same thrill of pride as I do when a customer of my business leaves happy.

It was 3rd grade, the book was hand printed and illustrated on red construction paper. It was tied with yellow yarn. The title, ‘Supershellie,’ paid tribute to my best friend at the time. We shared jump ropes at recess and took turns sharpening each others pencils.

I felt important when the other kids voted ‘Supershellie’ as the best book in the class. I was excited to see their smiles as they read each hand printed word.

I’ve since written longer, more detailed stories but my most memorable has always been the construction paper masterpiece where my best friend saved recess when she fixed a jump rope.

I still feel a twinge of happy when she pops up on my Facebook feed. Her smiling profile pic takes me back to third grade.

That’s the reason I write, because I love watching the faces of people when they read. I love hearing how they cried at a passage, or if they laughed out loud.

I may never get another ‘published’ book, but I will never forget ‘Supershellie,’ the book that started it all.