Never push ‘IF’


Imagine waking up, before the alarm.

Getting into the shower, with hot water.

Feeding the dog, kids and hubs without argument and then having a blessed cup of coffee in peace.


Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Yeah, that is SOOOOO not how this morning went.


Step one, sleep through alarm.

Step two, miss shower time. Get stuck with COLD water.

Step three, english muffin burns in toaster, JOY.

Step four, out of dog food. Here’s a cookie Fido.


I’m not a complainer, really, I’m a positive person. I put on my big girl panties and suck up any frustrations I have and get the job done.

Until today.


When the vacuum caught fire.


In the middle of the family room.


I cried.

All this happened before 7am.

I need sushi.



Wonderful Advice from a Talented Author


This morning as I was reading my twitter feed, I came across a link to a very insightful blog post by LEIGH ANN KOPANS.

She is discussing the very real (and scary) situations that we put ourselves in when we share personal information online.

I’d appreciate if you popped on over to her blog to read about how she is getting through the ordeal. She offers great tips and advice for all of us.

As a woman and more importantly, a mother to 3 active young women, I feel it’s imperative that we all take steps to protect ourselves online.


Click the link to get to her blog.



A Guide to (and a Plea for) Propriety on Social Media

Hi, sweet readers! I want to talk to you about something serious today.
A few months ago, I blocked someone on Twitter. I can’t remember exactly why – whether he was being overly confrontational, sexually suggestive, or otherwise inappropriate – and it doesn’t matter. (I’ve blocked people for many reasons, those being the most common.)