Staying True to Myself

I’ve been looking through other blogs and am feeling fairly inadequate. I sit in awe at their beautiful blogs, with eye-catching graphics and personal widgets. I think, wow . . . mine looks like a 2 door base line Geo with no air next to their fully loaded Cadillac’s.

Then I think, but . . . I’m pretty fantastic at pizza on the campfire, I wonder if they are?

I can serve lunch to 35 people in the middle of the woods with nothing but a fire and a few ingredients. I don’t need to have a fancy blog. That just isn’t me. and ‘me’ is enough for me.

Then I remember that I just started this, I mean, when I first started sewing I could barely manage to thread the machine. I can now bust out the serger and snap press in no time and make something pretty fantastic.

I guess the blog will be the same way. I’ll learn – one post at a time.

In the meantime, I’m busy with my new WIP that I am IN LOVE WITH!

I’m enjoying having CP’s!

They are helping my finished manuscript shine.


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