My Moody Muse




I apologize for neglecting the blog.

Most of the time my muse sits calmly on my shoulder, whispering into my ear softly as I transcribe her words to paper. Other times, she’s standing on the desk, ranting like a troubled toddler.

Lately it’s been the latter, she’s been waking me at nights and yelling to me as I go about my day. In other words, interrupting my normally routine life.

I wonder if others have the same kind of temperamental muses or if mine is a spaz. Either way, as long as she keeps visiting, I’m okay with her moody outbursts.

She’s been leading me in two opposite directions lately. First, a middle grade story that has been very emotionally draining, parts of it pulling at my heart so deeply I have to put it away so as not to ruin my keyboard from the tears falling into it. The other, a darker than I usually write paranormal that contains not one single werewolf, vampire or zombie. 

She’s most likely rebelling from the November NaNoWriMo insanity. I think she’s making me pay for being a demanding pain in the rear. I pushed her hard, like a plow horse working in the rain soaked, clay packed fields of central Missouri.

I hope she understands that I’m doing it again this year, and plan on Camp NaNoWriMo this year too. Pushing myself makes me more productive, keeps my mind busy and makes me easier to live with, which is something that my family appreciates.

Have a great week.



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