It’s Resolution Time

Okay, here goes nothing. If they are on here it should be easier to be accountable for them, right?


1. Drink more water than anything else.

That should be easy enough.

2. Be kind to the important people in my life, not just the new ones.

I think a lot of times we treat strangers better than we do our families. We give more compassion and forgiveness to those who mean less to us than we do those who we hold dear in our hearts.


3. Be Original.

I am consciously trying to be myself. My true mixed up, unsure,lost in this sea of life self. I will try to be honest and truthful about my thoughts and feelings as the year goes by and try not to follow the trends.

4. Get more serious about my writing.

I’m a pretty dedicated girl when my heart is in something and I believe my writing deserves to get the same attention as other things in my life. I plan to focus more on developing my craft. I want to share the joy I feel when I meet new characters, when I see them try, fail, and begin again.

5. Cook more at home.

I am horrible at spending the time cooking at home that I should. I need to focus more on being here for my family and giving them healthier, more family friendly meals.


There you have it, my resolutions for 2013. Lord help me not mess up.



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