This post made me think, and decide to participate in ‘A Month of Letters.’ It sounds like a fantastic idea.

Writing and Rambling

LetterMo2013postcard-227x300Last February, author Mary Robinette Kowal launched A Month of Letters, the idea being that you write one real letter or put one item in the mail every day the post runs during the month of February. Between the short month and the holiday, there are only twenty-three days of U.S. mail in February (fewer if you live in a country where there is no Saturday mail service). The challenge invites people to take a bit more time to craft a letter than they would if they were shooting off an email, to get back to the thought process involved when you know the recipient won’t see your note for at least a few days. It gives people a chance to reconnect on a different level. Besides, who doesn’t love getting real mail? Something that’s neither a bill nor a flyer trying to sell something, but instead an actual…

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Bandaged and Bruised but Stronger

When you have surgery it takes a snitch of time to recover. You laze around for a bit, licking your wounds and favoring the site of surgery.

My poor MS is hiding in the back room wrapped in a flannel quilt, healing. It will be stronger in the long run, but is bruised up and a bit afraid to come out into the light of day.

I’ll give it a day or so and open the door, letting the light into the room.


I’ll feed it praise and love and coax it out of the room . . .


just in time to operate again.

Don’t worry, MS is strong and confident. It knows I only cut, paste and rewrite out of love.



Five wonderful years blogging at Bookshelf Muse

The stellar people over at

Bookshelf Muse

are having a wickedly awesome contest. They are actually giving away a

Kindle Paperwhite

loaded with 10 ebooks!

Stop by their blog to see all the great details.

While you’re there, check out the information on their page.

They have all kinds of nooks and crannies full of things you need but never knew where to look for them.


Staying True to Myself

I’ve been looking through other blogs and am feeling fairly inadequate. I sit in awe at their beautiful blogs, with eye-catching graphics and personal widgets. I think, wow . . . mine looks like a 2 door base line Geo with no air next to their fully loaded Cadillac’s.

Then I think, but . . . I’m pretty fantastic at pizza on the campfire, I wonder if they are?

I can serve lunch to 35 people in the middle of the woods with nothing but a fire and a few ingredients. I don’t need to have a fancy blog. That just isn’t me. and ‘me’ is enough for me.

Then I remember that I just started this, I mean, when I first started sewing I could barely manage to thread the machine. I can now bust out the serger and snap press in no time and make something pretty fantastic.

I guess the blog will be the same way. I’ll learn – one post at a time.

In the meantime, I’m busy with my new WIP that I am IN LOVE WITH!

I’m enjoying having CP’s!

They are helping my finished manuscript shine.

Wow! Thanks for the great response!

My call for CP’s spread like fingerprints on a sliding glass door!

What wonderful support I’m finding.

I think I have all the CP’s I need for now but should I need more I will post again.


On to other news-

Anyone watching football on this windy winter day?


We’ve already prepared snacks, indulged in dessert and are now ready to watch this round of games unfold.

Who’s your pick for todays games? Me? Atlanta and Baltimore.


Being from Indiana, Colts are my team, but if they’re out then I’m rooting for the Ravens.


We will see.


Looking for a CP!

Banging my head on the wall, causing damage in there I’m sure.


I had an amazing CP but she chose to pursue a completely different life path and is no longer online. Snail mail CP, not the easiest.

We decided to break up but stay friends.

So here I am, again looking for CP who I can have an amazing relationship with. This shouldn’t hurt much, should it?


Off to search the tried and true avenues for new best buddy.

My Moody Muse




I apologize for neglecting the blog.

Most of the time my muse sits calmly on my shoulder, whispering into my ear softly as I transcribe her words to paper. Other times, she’s standing on the desk, ranting like a troubled toddler.

Lately it’s been the latter, she’s been waking me at nights and yelling to me as I go about my day. In other words, interrupting my normally routine life.

I wonder if others have the same kind of temperamental muses or if mine is a spaz. Either way, as long as she keeps visiting, I’m okay with her moody outbursts.

She’s been leading me in two opposite directions lately. First, a middle grade story that has been very emotionally draining, parts of it pulling at my heart so deeply I have to put it away so as not to ruin my keyboard from the tears falling into it. The other, a darker than I usually write paranormal that contains not one single werewolf, vampire or zombie. 

She’s most likely rebelling from the November NaNoWriMo insanity. I think she’s making me pay for being a demanding pain in the rear. I pushed her hard, like a plow horse working in the rain soaked, clay packed fields of central Missouri.

I hope she understands that I’m doing it again this year, and plan on Camp NaNoWriMo this year too. Pushing myself makes me more productive, keeps my mind busy and makes me easier to live with, which is something that my family appreciates.

Have a great week.


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