Ending 2012 on a WIN!



You see, last year I made 5 resolutions.


1. Be happier.

This is something I’ve always tried to achieve. Be happier today than I was yesterday. It took some doing because I’m a naturally happy person however, I consciously took steps to reduce the things that didn’t make me feel awesome. I reorganized my personal life to include more time with the people who make me smile. I reduced time with those who made me want to punch them.


2. Try something new.

I did it! I wrote a novel! I didn’t just sit back and say, hey I should write a book. I sat down with a laptop and an imagination and a bunch of coffee and I wrote. I deleted more than I saved some days. I kept writing even when I didn’t want to. I wrote in the car, in the camper, in the yard, in the house. I wrote when I should have been sleeping, I wrote when I should have been cleaning.

I found a story within the craziness of my mind, and I think it’s pretty good. Will I see it in print? Maybe. or Maybe not. Either is okay.

I wrote a story that made me delve into the cobwebs of my mind and dig out something pretty cool.

3. Do something scary.

I ‘did’ Indy Scream Park. Oh Boy!! That was some serious fun!! Its a complex of horror houses and haunted mazes. I recommend it for everyone to go next year, its just outside Indianapolis Indiana, in Anderson. Well worth the price.


I haven’t laughed so hard in literally 25 years. I laugh when I’m afraid.


4. Do something hard.

I did NaNoWriMo. That was HARD.


50,000 words in a month? Yeah, that was hard. But I rocked it, got my purple bar and vow to do it again next year.


5. Take better care of myself.


I’ve not felt this good in 15 years. I’ve reduced my stress, weight, addiction to sugar & disdain for exercise.  I dance, a lot. Not Well Mind You. But I dance, and groove, and look silly, and have dropped 3 jeans sizes!! Go ME!!

I can actually shop in the same stores as my kids now!


How did I do these things?

One step at a time. Literally, I wrote one word at a time. I danced one step at a time and I became happier along the way.


I’m still thinking of my resolutions for the coming year, what – since the world didn’t end and all.



Pinterest Win!

Due to my normal anti-baking stance my family was ASTOUNDED that I made CINNAMON ROLL WAFFLES for them TWO days this week.

I don’t mean to brag, but, I AM pretty awesome!

Hold your applause,



Yeah I know, I’m a ROCK STAR!!!!

Okay, back to whatever you were doing. =-)


How others see me

I commented earlier this week to a friend to ‘Wake up and be awesome, because it’s amazing how a positive attitude creates a positive life.’


She responded that it was one of the best things she’d ever heard. That the reason she loved being my friend is because I am such an upbeat and positive person. 

I thought about that for a few days. How others see me. It kind of scares me.

Do they see the insecure girl who is blindly stumbling through life one day at a time?

Do they see the woman who is scared she’ll really screw up her kids?

Do they see the fear in my heart when I try something new?




Do they see that even when I don’t know ‘what’ to do, I do something?

Do they see the woman who tries not to mess up today, the same way she did yesterday, and do they see me apologize to my kids when I do something wrong?

Do they see how I refuse to let fear define or contain me?

Do they see how confused I am most days about the right way to behave or react? or do they see me weigh my options, choosing the best for me in every situation?

Do people notice that I am a touch OCD about item placement, laundry sorting, and the proper amount of peanut butter on a sandwich?


I wonder what people see when they look at me. I hope they don’t look too closely, but I encourage them to. I’ve nothing to hide, and maybe, if they see the real me, it will help me figure out who I am.