NaNoWriMo almost killed me!


It took 27 day’s for me to finish the 51,404 words that are the rough draft of my NaNoWriMo attempt.

It’s rough ~ really, really rough.

Like, could take the shine off the top of the Chrysler building, rough.

I did learn things though, on this, my first attempt at NaNo-ing.

1. I learned my Hubs is a rock star. He doesn’t understand my need to write, but fully supports it all same.

2. I learned that my kids enjoy hearing my ideas, they must understand how important writing is to me because not once in the month did they invade my writing time to ask where something was or to beg for money.

3. I learned that writing, is kind of like reading, in reverse. I enjoyed learning about the story as it grew. I made friends with some of the characters, I made enemies with a few.

4. I learned that even 20 words is better than 0 words.

5. I learned not to visit facebook, twitter or pinterest while nano-ing.

and most importantly . . .

6. I learned that I will Nano again next year. It was fun, a challenge, and something that made me let go of my real life for just a bit, and embrace the imagination I don’t use often enough.

So to my fellow Nano-er’s, I salute you. We are awesome! Now lets step up to that purple bar and order a round of something that makes us happy!


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