After much thought and many cups of coffee, I decided to ‘do NaNoWriMo.’


When I say that – I mean that I am attempting to finish the allotted 50,000 words as outlined in the rules. I’m trying not to simply puke on the page, but actually come up with something that makes people want to spend a few hours focusing on the story from my head.

Isnt that what the true job of a writer is? To share the stories in our heads with fellow humans?

I spent most of October thinking about the whole project. I plotted scenes, pinned images on Pinterest, even texted simple thoughts to myself in preparation for November 1. That was the day I was supposed to effortlessly put my well crafted ideas onto the screen.

Yeah, right . . . like anything I plan ever goes according to plan.

Life Happens.


I spent most of the first day in my real life, finishing paperwork, planning meetings, getting my family ready for me to be ‘here’ but not here for November.

Then I reread my completed MS’s first page.

WHY oh why did I do that? How many times had I read it? and reread it? and then re-reread it?

In that one moment I found huge flaws. I conceded to myself that a rewrite and proof is severely needed before I submit it to anyone else. So now, here I sit . . . November 3 with an idea chomping in my brain and wanting out – and a ‘completed’ MS sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to polish it AGAIN.


I’ve decided to spend time on both for Nanowrimo this year. I’ll polish a few pages, then puke some Nano. Polish, then puke.

I think I have the Nano-flu.

Well, Happy writing!




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