NaNoWriMo almost killed me!


It took 27 day’s for me to finish the 51,404 words that are the rough draft of my NaNoWriMo attempt.

It’s rough ~ really, really rough.

Like, could take the shine off the top of the Chrysler building, rough.

I did learn things though, on this, my first attempt at NaNo-ing.

1. I learned my Hubs is a rock star. He doesn’t understand my need to write, but fully supports it all same.

2. I learned that my kids enjoy hearing my ideas, they must understand how important writing is to me because not once in the month did they invade my writing time to ask where something was or to beg for money.

3. I learned that writing, is kind of like reading, in reverse. I enjoyed learning about the story as it grew. I made friends with some of the characters, I made enemies with a few.

4. I learned that even 20 words is better than 0 words.

5. I learned not to visit facebook, twitter or pinterest while nano-ing.

and most importantly . . .

6. I learned that I will Nano again next year. It was fun, a challenge, and something that made me let go of my real life for just a bit, and embrace the imagination I don’t use often enough.

So to my fellow Nano-er’s, I salute you. We are awesome! Now lets step up to that purple bar and order a round of something that makes us happy!


In A Moment of Panic



That dreaded phone call when whoever you share a checking account with calls and the first words they say are, “I can’t find my debit card.”

First, your heart stops, then a plethora of random scenarios flash through your mind.

You remember seeing them pay for dinner, remember hugging your dinner companions and getting in the vehicle. You remember the late night trip to Sam’s Club for a gallon of Honey Crisp Cider and mega pack of paper towels.

You search EVERY pocket of your purse, hoping with everything in you, that you slept walked, got into his wallet and stole it in the night.

You check your phone 35 times in the next 7 minutes to be sure you have service while you pace through your house, silently cursing your partner.

You resist texting him the common sense instructions of, ‘call me as soon as u kno anything!’

You wait, and wait, and wait. You check email, in case your bank has sent you an insufficient funds notice.

You try to log on to your account.

OF COURSE the bank’s server is DOWN!


The phone rings.

It’s your child.


You can call her back after the crisis because gosh darn it, as soon as you hit ‘answer,’ the card losing misfit who had the NERVE to put you through this will call and get sent straight to voicemail.

You let the dog out, you let the dog in.

You check what time his call came in, wondering if he’d gotten in a wreck on the way to the bank. 17 minutes. Okay in 17 minutes you can do an awful lot in my town. Like, drive through it 3 flipping times.

Finally the phone rings, it’s him.

You answer, waiting for his voice.

“It’s all good babe, they cancelled my card. No charges were made.”

You breathe. You breathe again.

He better bring flowers, or coffee, or both.


After much thought and many cups of coffee, I decided to ‘do NaNoWriMo.’


When I say that – I mean that I am attempting to finish the allotted 50,000 words as outlined in the rules. I’m trying not to simply puke on the page, but actually come up with something that makes people want to spend a few hours focusing on the story from my head.

Isnt that what the true job of a writer is? To share the stories in our heads with fellow humans?

I spent most of October thinking about the whole project. I plotted scenes, pinned images on Pinterest, even texted simple thoughts to myself in preparation for November 1. That was the day I was supposed to effortlessly put my well crafted ideas onto the screen.

Yeah, right . . . like anything I plan ever goes according to plan.

Life Happens.


I spent most of the first day in my real life, finishing paperwork, planning meetings, getting my family ready for me to be ‘here’ but not here for November.

Then I reread my completed MS’s first page.

WHY oh why did I do that? How many times had I read it? and reread it? and then re-reread it?

In that one moment I found huge flaws. I conceded to myself that a rewrite and proof is severely needed before I submit it to anyone else. So now, here I sit . . . November 3 with an idea chomping in my brain and wanting out – and a ‘completed’ MS sitting on my hard drive waiting for me to polish it AGAIN.


I’ve decided to spend time on both for Nanowrimo this year. I’ll polish a few pages, then puke some Nano. Polish, then puke.

I think I have the Nano-flu.

Well, Happy writing!